Winner of the "Cool the Earth"

Winners of the Cool the Earth Idea Contest: IMERSIMERS: Winner of the Cool the Earth Idea Contest, Japan, 2008!
Andre Stochniol, IMERS' founder, won in the Governmental System/Policy Division (overseas) for:
Creating and obtaining international support for differentiated International Maritime Emission Reduction Scheme to halve maritime emissions and pay for improvements.

The Award Panel has commented:

The oceangoing ships are exempt from the Kyoto Protocol, and it is necessary to regulate them by other scheme. If this project is practically implemented, it is possible to apply it to aviation.

Abstract of IMERS entry:

In the proposed cap-and-charge approach, CO2 emissions from international maritime transport form one emission bubble rather than being allocated to countries. An emission reduction goal (cap) is established and applies to Annex I countries only. Emission charges are linked to the goal and the prevailing forward carbon price. Aggregated funds are used to both stimulate innovations and cost-effectively mitigate growth of maritime emissions. Furthermore, gains generated through the aggregated approach are directed to climate change adaptation in developing countries.
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