@ Poznan: a breakthrough?

Opening of the GLCA roundtable in PoznanThe potential of the IMERS scheme to generate $billions of financing for climate adaptation annually was officially presented and actively discussed at the Poznan Climate Change Conference, 1-12 December 2008. This included a high level roundtable opened by two UN Secretary General Special Envoys on Climate Change: Gro Brundtland and Ricardo Lagos.
How to deliver special debate took place on 9th Dec (Message from the Event )

The dedicated official event was focused on CBDR:

Common but Differentiated Responsibilities in International Transport

Generating $billions for climate change action
Message & Summary from the Event
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Event flyer
For more details, see a 4-page description, entitled:
Tackling climate change through a differentiated levy on marine haulage/shipping fuels .

The conclusion from the event and the proposed next steps were presented by Dr Andre Stochniol at the:

High level roundtable on climate technology and finance

organized by the GLCA on 10 Dec 2008
(the Global Leadership for Climate Action is a joint initiative of the United Nations Foundation and the Club of Madrid)

The roundtable brought together 20 leaders from both the public and private sectors. It included

  • Ricardo Lagos, President of the Club of Madrid, co-chair of the GLCA, former President of Chile, UN Secretary General Special Envoy on Climate Change,
  • Gro Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway, UN Secretary General Special Envoy on Climate Change,
  • Dr. Mohamed El-Ashry, Former CEO and Chairman of the Global Environment Facility,
who opened the roundtable.

Subsequently, IMERS proposal was presented at the dinner of the United Nations Foundation.
We are very glad with the support obtained from the international leaders both at the above events, and during informal consultations in Poznan. These will significantly increase the momentum for action in the coming weeks and months.

Our main event has been organised in cooperation with the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E).

Support and Visibility at COP 14